Fire Emblem: Awakening - Review

Fire emblem: Awakening is another great addition to the series, and had perfected controls on the 3DS. The storyline was flawless and, this game was right at home on the 3DS. At first I was skeptical to buy it, but I do love RPG Games and, I figured that it couldn’t be too bad. After playing a few levels (or, “Chapters,” of the game) I found that I felt stupid for at one point considering it terrible. The game was easy to learn and had several options of difficulty. I found myself enjoying the Classic playing style, where, once a character dies, they’re gone for good. Of course, there was the Casual option for players who enjoy a less competitive feel.

Certain aspects of the game made it feel new, and crisp compared to other RPGs and JRPGs. The characters, and varying support logs that came with them, were wonderful. Characters could team up and fight side by side and, after some time together, you could watch a brief scene of them sharing secrets or of them talking about their lives. I thought that these supports were perfect because, they fit right in with the storyline and gave characters true depth. Plus, characters of opposite genders can marry and some times have a baby! Because of the storyline's theme of time travel, magic, battle, and bonds of friends, these children would appear from the future as a skilled battle, who could fight in your army! The more marriages you make, the more children that appeared. The children are even more skilled then there parents, and share traits, looks, skills, and classes with their parents!

Another asset to FE:A was the perfected cutscenes and story. You start the game fighting what appears to be the final boss, if not a powerful one. He throws Dark magic and Lightning at you and your companion, but in the end, you are victorious. But, it's not over yet. The supposedly dead magician has some kind of control on you, and as your injured self struggles to stand, you stab your companion with some of your own magic. "What!?" you may be thinking, "This looks like the end of the game!" it isn't the end for you or your companion as the cutscene ends, though.

In a few seconds, you awaken to your companion and his sister, wondering what to do with you. You wake up in the middle of a field that you do not recognize. You have forgotten yourself, but not Chrom, your companion's name. Suspicious, there guardian Frederick warned not to go nearer, but with Chrom helps you anyway. You discuss the situation and try to recall your memory, but soon you are accepted as one of their own.

Part One and Part Two

Don't worry; even though there are two parts, it's very short.

Fire Emblem: Awakening also sported stunning graphics that could all be viewed in 3D. And, you could never get bored because of the endless DLC; from Maps to characters to Skills, these free or under $6.00 downloadable content was extremely enjoyable.

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I’d have to give this game a 9 out of 10. The game was flawless, but I do wish that some of the choices you made had a greater effect on the storyline and, I resent not having warnings to my careless decisions in my first play-through. All in all, this game was incredible.

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