Destiny - Preview

After Bungie made a masterpiece of Halo, they reveal a video of another game that appears to be a Mass Effect esc FPS Role-Playing-Game with an overworld. It has beautiful graphics and looks like nothing we’ve ever seen before; maybe a mix of Skyrim and Halo. Coming in 2014, Destiny promises to be a game like nothing else.

I’m sorry, but that’s not all. The creators of Call of Duty, Activision, is also teaming up with Bungie to make this new perfection. Probably the two best First-Person-Shooters on the market, team up to make an entire new world of myths and battles.

A Picture of the Destiny logo and two planets.

The story seems to be about a smaller planet, hovering over a gigantic one, and war is being waged, maybe by the two planets, or by another race, or maybe a civil war? The only games that compare to it are Halo, Skyrim, and Mass effect. I’d say that Mass Effect would be the best competitor and, since it was so successful, maybe Bungie and Activision realized that they could make a game like that, and by teaming up, it’d be twice as successful. Well, whatever they were thinking, they were right.

My first impression was positive- I can’t wait for this game to be available, and you should be excited too. Here’s the trailer!

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